by jose galvez

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released August 21, 2016


all rights reserved



jose galvez Pasadena, California

i like to make music

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Track Name: only human
only human
summertime, we’ve made it here together dreamed today, indoors without the weather warm tonight, beads on my skin & living free today, I’ll see what trouble’s doing.
will I be caught today? oh i can’t deny that i’m loving it all, will i be stopped today? i’m only human, only human.
Over time, kids are all out and playing weird today, inside i’m contemplating. here tonight, friends are outside+drinkin’ me today-> can’t help myself from reelin’
What do I want today? Oh I can’t decide not in love with it all. What do I want today? i’m only human. Only human. 
i’m only human. Only human
Track Name: pay up
pay up
in this small waste-town i can’t get out. 
you see i tried to back out, 
your fence came down
i need a fix. i need a ride
To be there. i need someone 
to be there. wishing i
 could be there. to be there.
pay up, pay up. 
this i don’t need anymore
pay up, pay up. 
wish i never found your door
from the lake you rose
 & standing there.
see my eyelids froze
 staying here.
Track Name: not what i had planned
not what i had planned
between the tree and road down below
within the green and patterned stone
where the plot thickened up my skin
and a sad new world to begin
the shapes inside all shifted around
more oxygen than i wanted to breathe 
it’s nothing that i want. 
(not what i had planned)

between the hours people hours rest their head within the night i’m still up instead
i think about how i want you around
it’s nothing that i want, want (not what i had planned)
in all of this hurt, in all of this pain
i know that you’re already here,
with all of my heart and all of my soul
i know what you’re already here
i know that you’re already here
Track Name: breakup heart
breakup heart
Somewhere within my soul. the part i hide inside. beneath your sight
Feelings that you might hold. the ones i try to fight
I wish you’d know

my heart, and what’s inside
but you cannot, hear me cry no

I see you away from here. I prep my break up heart.
within your sight hoping that you’ll just go
I know you’ll try to fight I wish you’d know.

somewhere within my soul
Track Name: wanna be in love
wanna be in love
hey, can we talk?
i need you to see what i see
led with my head, not my heart
forcing a bridge, dead from the start
but if you don’t let go, soon you know, u r

losing everything and tho you’ll take it
try to hear me out for goodness saken
holding on i know you’ll keep on breaking on

you always wanna be in love

be your own rock,
and leave me to be where i’ll be
bled every step, that we walked.
remorse piling on, with ticking clocks
guess was i was wrong. oh oh oh
Track Name: waiting on a line
waiting on a line

got it now? I’ve told you, grown enough to be okay
know it’s hard to be that cloud of rain on my warm day

you need a little more time
i’ve got a feeling o you won’t stay
then I’ll watch you walk away
i’ve had enough tonight

when you keep it in your mind, leaves me unaligned
all the words that you don’t find, i’m waiting on a line

say it now, tell me, i’ve grown enough to be okay
better than to hold in, not over it anyway 

when i say that i don’t mind, leaves me on a lie
all the troubles i don’t buy, i’m waiting on a line

hey don’t speak at all, this rise and fall applies to the latter you shouldn’t even try to start your cry and hope for the better i’m sure it’s worked before, i’m keeping score about your plan you can’t even cry, i’m sure you’ll try to sell me that
Track Name: 20 years
20 years

O when I was young,
and dumb, and crushing out.
The words, they never formulated.
O when I was cool, 
had luck, for making out
Around, but it never culminated
Only you
20 years of fall-ing in and out
of love. But now, I finally have my only one. Too many times, I’ve let it slip away,
& now, I’ll never be the only one.
Oh It’s been so long, been so wrong.
& now i can’t believe that you’re here tonight.make it so right that i can take you home. only you
Track Name: be the sea
be the sea
you hold the light down on my hands taking the weight right off the watch
in the tide lies a calming scene I’ll be the sun you’ll be the sea

you find the keys i’ll never have You hum along I feel the sun
I need you for this harmony I’ll be the sun you’ll be the sea

you hold the light when I walk alone Finding our way back into one
I need you now to calm the scene i’ll be the sun you’ll be the sea
Track Name: best forgotten
best forgotten

shorter than cars, trying for gold stars and we played all around, makin up odd sounds so we lived, and we laughed, it carried out for years then it all fell apart, no more couch n beers no more sharing fears it was gone
lets just leave it best forgotten when we hit the ground & crashed in the end.before it was gone
trying awhile, to find a means to mend, though it took, but a mess, it happened nonetheless all the pain and stress & under much duress.. it was gone
tell me was it worth it for you now and how?
Track Name: beans
i walked into to work, tie my smile on
always half asleep, brew myself a cup to wake me up
i just wanna die you walked thru the door, with that charming on,
my cheeks flushed with red, i think i would rather live instead
to see you come in back, back, back

hey i need you, i wonder if you know that
i’m sorry, I’ll say that you’ll say no

We were walking there, a moment calling me
I thru blanks and stares, I could barely breathe
And i was scared, that you would not come back back back

Hey i need you, I wonder if you know , that
I’m sorry, I’ll say that you’ll say no
Yeah, i hope that. I’m not in this alone. Yeah i’m sorry
For all the unknown, i know it can show, i’ll be the one you want

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